A Proper, Proper Introduction: The Lady
That Hamilton Lady is a silly girl of only fifteen with silly notions of the world (though not really), and she is often described as short, cute, earning her the pet name of "Chabelle", shy, and loveable, despite being stubborn. Moreover, as a nod to both Andrew Hamilton and the Duchess of Devonshire, Georgiana Cavendish, she calls herself "Georgiane Hamilton"--replacing in "a" with an "e" because she thought it sounded a bit nicer although she still adores the name "Georgiana". And as always, she never knows how to describe herself well to people, and so, she will end her bio here.

That Hamilton Lady
That Hamilton Lady is a blog full of random musings from, well, That Hamilton Lady. The Little Miss Hamilton is still trying to figure out a main point for her blog, so it would not be so confused as it is currently, but she supposes that the biggest focuses on her blogs are history, writing, and vintage fashions mixed it with some little tidbits of her life here and there.